Unhappy Campers

Unhappy Campers Cast

Unhappy Campers

A sleep-away camp horror, monster-flick comedy!

Written and Directed by William M. Razavi

Unhappy Campers Promo

Welcome to Camp Sunrise!

There’s a killer on the loose at Camp Sunrise.  And possibly another killer.  And likely another one, too.  And a vampire, a mummy, and other things that go bump in the night.  Will our plucky campers make it through the woods alive?  Or will they end up the next victims of the monsters that lurk in the shadows?  In the grand tradition of summer camp movies about teenagers played by non-teen actors, The Overtime Theater brings you the Halloween monster-flick comedy, Unhappy Campers.

Unhappy Campers Cast

Pictured from left: Dara Farnsworth, Ashley Deleona, Noelle Segapeli, Lacey Dalby, Deborah Basham-Burns, and Roslynn Graves. Photo credit: William Razavi.

Creative Team

Writer & Director: William M. Razavi

Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Gina Schneider

Lighting & Sound Design: Bob McKinney

Board Operator: D’Anthony Johnson

AD & Media:  Jay Overton


Debbie Basham-Burns:  Cleo (the mummy)

Lacey Dalby:  Betty (the alien)

Noelle Segapeili:  Veruca (the zombie)

Emery Dorman:  Jake (Frankenstein’s monster, sort of)

Roslynn Graves:  Shira (the slayer)

Ashley Deleona:  Deth (the turned vampire/Goth)

Autumn Segura:  McElvaney (the one handed handy-lady)

Dara Farnesworth:  Carmilla (the vampire)


The Gregg Barrios Theater
October 26 – November 17, 2018

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm
Sunday Nov 4th at 3pm and Sunday Nov 11th at 7pm


General Admission: $15.00
Students, teachers and military: $10
Seniors: $12.00