No Rescue Required

NoRescueRequiredOnce upon a time three princesses – Persephone, Penelope, and Popcorn – lived a life of medieval-y privilege with their loyal butler, Jacopo. Then, in the dead of night, a suitor appeared. With a drawn sword. Smelling of stew. He was determined to slay a monster and save the princesses, but they were far from helpless damsels in distress and uncooperative with his dream of becoming a hero.

This is a first reading of an original play which will be produced in full as part of the Overtime’s 2018 Season. Following the reading, the playwright and cast will be available for an informal talk back, so feel free to stick around and chat!

One night only on Jan 20 at 8pm
Tickets are $5 at the door.

Persephone: Laura Epstein
Penelope: Caroline Arroyo
Popcorn: Victoria Galindo
Jacopo: Jay Overton
Mungo: Miguel Di Costanzo
Dr. Zenia Teagarden: Deborah Basham-Burns