Nightingale (Musical)

Written by Jules Vaquera and Dan Timoskevich

Directed by Jules Vaquera
Asst. Direction by Brandi Stillwell

It’s Penny Virtue’s last night at the Cauldron, the hottest jazz and blues venue in the city and now her husband Luther is faced with a dilemma: find a new lead act or quit the business.  When a new “nightingale” Ayla lands on the scene the Cauldron threatens to boil over. What will happen? Take a seat and find out. Loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Nightingale, this musical proves that old stories never die…they just find hotter venues. Watch the Promo Video

The show has closed but we have a special show, “Nightingale in Concert”! One Night Only: Friday, April 27th @ 8pm



Luther Virtue – Barry Goettl
Penny Virtue – Jules Vaquera
Ayla – Yleana Wooten
Chloe – Aurora Chase
Nate – Venny Mortimer
Mika/Guilty Pleasure – Marie Bunch
John at the Bar – Andrew Moritz
Patron 1/Guilty Pleasure – Dorianna James
Background Singer #4/Guilty Pleasure – Caitlin Palmer
Talent Scout/DJ – Jana Drew
Charlie – Dan Timoskevich

Creative Team

Director – Jules Vaquera
Assistant Director/Stage Manager – Brandilynn Stillwell
Musical Director – Dan Timoskevich
Set Design – Jules Vaquera
Lighting Design – Lillith Tijerina
Board Operator – Gabriel Itzcoatl Luera
Costumes – Morgan Clyde


Mar 30 – Apr 21, 2018

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm; Sunday Apr 8 at 3pm and Sunday Apr 15 at 7pm; PLUS… 
“Nightingale in Concert” One Night Only: Friday, April 27th @ 8pm  Come enjoy this night of Nightingale in concert! You’ll get to hear songs from the show that you remember and sing along if you like! Those who haven’t been to the show are also welcome!  You’ll also get to see Jules Vaquera perform a few of the songs that she wrote for the show. We’ll be including a slide show of the cast’s journey from rehearsals to back stage antics, and you’ll also have a chance to ask the cast and crew the questions and hear their responses.