Artisinal Gibberish with Tobias the Adequate

The Overtime Theater and The Adequate Company present: Artisinal Gibberish with Tobias the Adequate

When: Friday and Saturday, March 16-17 at 9pm
Tickets: only $5 at the door!


What is this show about? Well….

Tobias as been touched by the muse of poetry! Well, perhaps “touched” is not the right word, We’ll let him explain:

A spirit of inspiration is called a “Muse”

If your spirit of inspiration confounds you, that would be a Bemusing Muse

And if you felt hard done by because of it. That would be Bemusing Muse Abuse.

Listening to someone laboring under such a spirit might be Bemusing Muse Abuse Confusion…

And if we’re hoping that this act will bring Bemusing Muse Abuse Confuison Amusement.

… you can see what he has to put up with. Join him, wont’t you?

What others are saying:

“…Homophone Hell… ” – His Editor

“… my head hurts.” – His Wife

“…. WAT.” – numerous other people

Contains Dubious Poetry, Stand-Up Philosophy and at least three reasons why you should take less than six years to graduate from a state college. Recommended for Immature Adults.

(The management takes no responsibility for mental or emotional damage incurred by attending this show. Pre-show drinking is not encouraged, but probably would not hurt.)

Below is a link to one such example of the sort of thing that’s going to go on during this show: