Tales from the Little OT: Blessed Are the Meek

A series of bizarre and mysterious stories.Blessed Meek

Tales From the Little OT, so named for its location in the small space at The Overtime Theater, is a series of enigmatic stand-alone stories. These short plays are written and directed by a number of Overtime company members, including Jules Vaquera, Scott McDowell, and Jonathan Schell. Each episode will run for two weekends, at 8pm on Friday and Saturday nights.

The first story, Blessed are the Meek, is about a soft spoken young woman who feels helpless until power is suddenly thrust into her hands, and she must decide how to use it.

Written and Directed by Jules Vaquera

Featuring: Marie Warren Bunch, Aurora Chase, and Jana Drew

Performance Dates: Sept. 27, 28, Oct. 4, 5 at 8:00 pm

Tickets:  $8.00. $5.00 for seniors, students, teachers, military and SATCO members.  Reservations only available by email or dropping by the theater.