Nerd Court: Roulette

Calling all Nerds and Superhero Fans to Court at The Overtime Theater!

What is Nerd Court?
Who is better?? Batman Vs. Superman. Star Wars vs Star Trek. Picard Vs Kirk. Gandalf Vs Dumbledore?
We will finally answer these questions in the court of highest opinion: THE NERD COURT. Two lawyers of our nerdiest caliber will argue the benefits of their nerd topic, while tearing down their opponents. When the dust settles our OverJudge will deliver their verdict and Nerd Justice will be delivered! These are their stories! – Chun-Chun!

This time it’s all up to chance! Come see the ‘Character Wheel’ that will have EIGHT pop culture characters on it. Characters like R2D2, Maleficent and Miss Piggy! Spin the wheel and see who the hosts will be defending and debating.

Saturday, November 13, 2021 at 8pm
Tickets: $10 at the Box Office or online