Let it All Out Improv Show

The Overtime Theater is proud to present a night of longform improv this Saturday May 28th at 8PM in the Greg Barrios Theater. All Friends and Instoppable/Unmovable are wacky, zany, silly. Let It Out is dramatic with lots of humor mixed in.

Ready for a rollercoaster of fun? Well buckle up, Buttercup! The duo Instoppable/Unmovable will make you quake in your seat with their frenetic, high energy style! From the other end of the improv duo spectrum, Let It Out will give you that emotional release we all need right now as they explore a gritty, raw and honest relationship. When All Friends takes the stage, you’ll be hit with an assortment of scenes that pull you and push you in every direction, squeezing out laughs all along the way!

Rick Copperpot from Let it Out and All Friends said that “Audiences should expect scenes that explore emotional connections between characters and interpersonal conflicts while exposing the humor in everyday life”. Let It Out is Lyn Thomas and Rick Copperpot. All Friends is Lyn Thomas, Rick Copperpot, Mike Jester and Clint Taylor. Instoppable/Unmovable is Jason VanSlycke and Andre Villaplana.

The Overtime Theater hosts many improv shows inside its doors and is proud to be seen as a kind and welcoming theater to the improv community of San Antonio. Rick Copperpot had this to say about The Overtime: “Not only are we excited to perform for The Overtime’s audience, we’re all so grateful to be able to contribute to the community by doing the improv that we love so dearly.”

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