Virtual Theater Box Office Open!

That’s right. We’ve gone virtual! Because our little theater is too small to allow for social distancing, we are bringing theater straight to you! Through a wonderful platform called ShowTix4U we are able to share our productions online, both past and new shows. We are particularly excited about our new offering, Overtime Cabaret: From Home, which will feature area performers in comedy, music, dance, poetry and more!

Here are all of the shows in our virtual theater line-up this summer:


Overtime Cabaret: From Home

The Overtime Cabaret is an amalgamation of music, dance, comedy, poetry, and whatever else we can think of! Check out our fabulous line-up!

Saturday, Sept. 19

  • Music — Jules Vaquera and Matt Legare
  • Poetry — Dyhanara Rios and Jason Shaggy Gossard
  • Dance — Stephan Gaeth
  • Comedy — Jake Yarbrough

Saturday, Sept. 26

  • Comedy — Jake Yarbrough
  • Poetry — Mandy Lynn Lara and Joyous Windrider
  • Dance — Ann Almonte
  • Music — Bethany Schwartz and Nick Lewis

Saturday, Oct. 3

  • Poetry — Joyous Windrider and Mandy Lynn Lara
  • Music — Alaia Brown and Dyhanara Rios
  • Comedy — Jake Yarbrough
  • Dance — Priscilla Isaac

Saturday, Oct. 10

  • Poetry — Joyous Windrider and Dyhanara Rios
  • Belly dance — Karen Barbee
  • Music — Alaia Brown and Jules Vaquera
  • Comedy — Jake Yarbrough

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dgar Allan Poe Promo Photo

Derek Berlin as Edgar Allan Poe

An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe: the Man, the Myth, the Legend by Derek Berlin who portrays the tortured artist shortly before his tragic death in this award-winning production. Almost a week before his death, Edgar Allan Poe was found wandering the streets of Baltimore, delirious and incoherent.  Derek Berlin takes us inside Poe’s dream state where he narrates his life’s journey. From his purgatorial state, Poe spins his last haunting ghosts of thought: a personal tale of pain, sorrow, and the desire for his soul’s redemption. Rediscover Poe’s Gothic and macabre glory in this one-man show starring Derek Berlin.

“Like Harry Houdini himself, what audiences might find most alluring is the opportunity to see this eclectic take on a feat few performers would endeavor.” – Jade Esteban Estrada, San Antonio Sentinel
48 hour rental stream

(l-r): Marie Warren Bunch, Caitlin Palmer and Dorianna James in Nightingale.

(l-r): Marie Warren Bunch, Caitlin Palmer and Dorianna James in Nightingale

Nightingale by Jules Vaquera and Dan Timoskevich is an original award-winning musical loosely based on the Hans Christian Anderson tale.

It’s Penny Virtue’s last night at the Cauldron, the hottest jazz and blues venue in the city and now her husband Luther is faced with a dilemma: find a new lead act or quit the business.  When a new “nightingale” Ayla lands on the scene the Cauldron threatens to boil over. What will happen? Take a seat and find out. Loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Nightingale, this musical proves that old stories never die…they just find hotter venues
48 hour rental streamTrailer donation stream (Saturday nights at 7:30)

Amie Rose and Robert Moritz in Ride the Musical

Amie Rose and Robert Moritz in Ride the Musical

Ride the Musical, by Rachel Roth and Dan Timoskevich, also an award-winning musical, is the story of a taxi driver named Stockton (Robert Moritz) who’s underwater on his taxi medallion due to competition from rideshare companies. He and his daughter, Jess (Amie Rose), are struggling to make ends meet. She wants to go to acting school and he’s trying to keep them from being evicted.
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