OT Serial Box

Rift Riders

Written and Directed by Michael Burger

Jonah Foster is having the worst day of his life when he has the misfortune of being abducted by aliens.  What could be worse?  The aliens that abducted him are nowhere to be found.  Now Jonah, along with his fellow abductees, need to figure out how to gain control of the ship and get themselves home.  (This show is 50 minutes and is appropriate for age 13 and up.)

Performance Schedule: TBA

The Secret Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

 Written and Directed by Alex H. Coy IV and Andrew Moritz

The Secret Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is an episodic series in which we follow the unpublished accounts of amateur detective extraordinaire Sir Sherlock Holmes in an homage to the Victorian mystery and gothic horror genres.

Performance Schedules:  Fri and Sat at 8:30 pm