Topsy Curvy in Flash

Flash!!!! an adaption of 1932 public domain Flash Gordon radio episodes

Directed by Christopher Steinmetz

Flash and Dale
Timothy McCain (Flash Gordon) and Jesscia Roberts (Dale)

Synopsis: Worlds collide in this anything but traditional Sci-fi romp across the galaxy. Join Flash and Dale in the Imaginarium of Wonders as they battle Plant Beasts, Monkey Men, and the Universe’s most Vile Villian…Ming the Merciless! In an homage to classic theatrical styles from across the ages Flash!!! Is the retro-futurism comedy with something for everyone. Music, Magic, and More!

Princess Aura – Topsy Curvy

Flash Gordon – Timothy McCain
Dale Arden – Jessica Roberts
Announcer – Michael Brandon Goodwin
Dr. Zarkov – Jana Drew
Ming the Merciless – Kurt Wilkinson
Princess Aura – Topsy Curvy
Prince Barin – Timothy Lee
Thun/Vultan – Elise Hernandez

Director – Christopher Steinmetz 
Stage Manager – Angie Hernandez
Board Op – Gina Schneider
Lights – Chuck Drew
Costumes – Rachel Vrubel & Angie Hernandez
Props – Scott McDowell, Lucian Hernandez, Rachel Vrubel
Sound Design – Scott McDowell & Timothy McCain
Scenic Artists – Elise Hernandez & Lucian Hernandez
Set Construction – Chuck Drew, Jana Drew, Jonathan Schell, Timothy McCain, Michael Brandon Goodwin, Christopher Steinmetz

July 2-24, 2021
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm; Sunday July 11 at 7pm

Tickets on sale 6/22