2016 Season

The Overtime Theater’s 2016 Season!


In the Gregg Barrios Theater:

Creatures of the Night by Emily Fitzgerald (February 26 – March 26); Directed by Emily Fitzgerald

Creatures of the Night is a noir-style mystery that follows a private eye as she tries to navigate the maze of torments inflicted on her and her allies as they face the very real monsters in their midst.  We meet Detectives Valentine and Dandy at their usual coffee shop haunt and the play introduces us to the other people who populate their world – a police detective, a newbie reporter, a damaged secretary, and several more unsavory characters – as that world turns ever darker.

The Supper Hour in Hell by Tess Light (May 20 – June 18); Directed by Morgan Clyde

Hell is eating with other people.

Welcome to The Supper Hour in Hell.  You’re table will be ready in eleventy-five minutes.

Black:  A Comedy of Bubonic Proportions by Morgan Clyde (July 1 – 30); Directed by Sarah Goodwin

At the height of England’s attack on France, during the Hundred Years’ War, the men of Castle Binbury have been called to march out and join with King Edward’s army.  But when the lord of the castle is found dead from Plague on the morning of their departure, things start to get a bit complicated.  As his wife and attendants try to cover up his death, their plan is threatened by an eccentric doctor, a hapless minstrel, and the lord’s insufferably spoiled son.  Through an increasingly intricate ruse and a series of slapstick complications, the residents of Castle Binbury must fight to keep their reputation – and themselves – alive.

Ghostbears! by Eric Appleton (August 12 – September 10); Directed by Chelsea Steele

Dumped by his boyfriend, Ted accidently buys the county’s most haunted house in an attempt to plug the hole left in his heart.  Instead of finding refuge in a dream house, he finds a Satanic graveyard, the murdered wife of a 19th century shoe magnate, desecrated Native American burial mounds, and possibly a devil baby, as well as the schismatic Southeastern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Society, both sides of which have arrived to help.   Despite all that, Ted learns that sometimes the scariest things that haunt you are the ones you brought yourself.

Locolobo:  A Punk Prometheus Psycho Wolf Musical Comedy by Jens Rushing (October 7 – November 5); Directed by William M. Razavi

HOWL with laughter!

SCREAM in delight!

MELT your face off to the scorching soundtrack!

It’s LOCOLOBO, the psycho wolf musical comedy! Riffs, wisecracks, lycanthropy, and more!

LOCOLOBO: A PUNK PROMETHEUS is an EXPLOSIVE new original musical comedy. Ruby Bolt, yes, the lead singer of Ruby & Her Disasters, is ensnared in the monster politics of Texasylvania. Can she escape the machinations of Professor Chimaera? Can she strike a blow for monster rights? Will she get the guy? Can she make it to the show on time?!

Merry Gentlemen by Sheila Rinear (November 25 – December 23)

Merry Gentlemen is a full-length play heavily inspired by Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  In it Ben Dickens’ and his son Tim’s paths mystically cross those of various characters who lead Ben and Tim out of their bleak and sometimes ridiculous lives, and into the Spirit of Christmas with many laughs along the way.

In the Little OT:

Zane to Gate 69 by C. J. Ehrlich (January 22 – February 20); Directed by Edward E. Wise II

Kate Welles, a handler from the future, is sent back to 1972 by a shadowy brain trust, to brief a bumbling secret agent on what could be his — and humanity’s — last mission. But Zane won’t take orders from a lady bossman, and if he improvises his way through the mission, the future’s going to be grimmer than ever. There has to be a better way to save the world!

Center of the Universe by Melanie Kirschbaum, Alexandra Decas, and Shawn Harris (April 1 – 30); Directed by William M. Razavi

What happens when you think the universe revolves around you?  Center of the Universeexplores the results both comic and tragic when everything is about you – until it isn’t.

The Vapors by Joseph Green (May 13 – June 11); Directed by Edward E. Wise II

Cristabel Cuellar may have found an entrance to the Hollow Earth, and with it the beasts of Revelation. In this psychological thriller, she and her friends fight to stay rational under the most irrational of circumstances.

One Down by Mike Poblete (July 29 – August 27); Directed by Rob Barron

Owen, a professional dog food taster, is in a rut after losing his mother. His only friends are Beth, his mother’s ninety-two-year-old former nursing home roommate, and Herman, his wry kibble eating co-worker. Things change when he begins having strange, exhilarating dreams about a woman who seems to be very real and his key to a better life. His insane quest to find her coincides with end-of-life decisions for Beth in this quirky story about love and moving on.

Face by Emily Adler (September 9 – October 8); Directed by Eddie Wise

Josh and Valerie come together to explore and push the boundaries of their taboo relationship. Who they are to each other has serious implications that affect not only their complicated relationship, but also their uncertain future together. What they learn this revelatory night will leave them both changed forever.

Jackson Square by Mark Leonard (October 28 – November 19); Directed by Chuck Wigginton

Imagine you were married to Ernest Hemingway, raised by William Faulkner, or dated Dylan Thomas. Mark Leonard’s wild and dark comedy, Jackson Square, examines the relationships of three women and the fictional, deceased, alcoholic literary lion whose roaring life has left them with the collateral damage of sexual abuse and extreme familial dysfunction.   Based on “a couple of true stories,” Jackson Square has an undeniable wit and charm that will ultimately leave you hopeful for us all.  Adult language and themes.

OT Serial Box

OT Serial Box brings television to life with serial plays every month – and limited commercial interruptions!

The January/February performance features the first episodes of Rift Riders, by Michael Burger and The Secret Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Alex H. Coy IV and Andrew Moritz.

Short Run Extra Shows:

Trash Tree by Stephan Gaeth (January 8 – 16)

American Pride by Jules Vaquera, et al (June 24 – July 2)

My Name was Dorian…Dorian Gray by Derek Berlin (July 16 – July 24) – A Derek Berlin Production. Written, directed and performed by Derek Berlin.

The Lady of Shallot by Bernard J Taylor (October 14-October 23) directed by Erin Polewski

Queen’s Castle

Tobias the Adequate

Ongoing Shows:

The Denials (Weekly Improv)

Cabaret (Monthly, Adult Themed)


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