By Our Hands

By Our Hands by Morgan Clyde and Michael Song

Directed by Caleb Craig



Post-apocalyptic future. After a nuclear event destroyed much of the country, militias who had lost faith in the government took control of their respective areas. As the world rebuilds, several different factions of rebels vie for control.

The central government stepped in to restore order and balance, and now all traditional weapons have been collected and destroyed. However, rumor has it that a weapons cache exists that has been hidden from those in power. Hard evidence comes to light that it is more than a rumor, and our heroes’ faction sets a plan in motion to find this foothold for control.

Thus, our story begins.

This production will consist of intense stage combat sequences for which our acting talent will train for over the course of four weeks. The production will take on a barren wasteland aesthetic akin to Mad Max: Fury Road while retaining a Mission Impossible style story-line.

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Helen McKann – Morgan Clyde
Jim Gable – Chris Fuglestad
Jimenez – Venny Mortimer
Blair – Matthew Legare
Darby – Grace Lamberson
Vaughn – Jenn Harris
Rask – Daniel Vasquez II
Sato – Dustin Benton
Kaplan – Nicholas Dowell
Kochanski – Karen Sutherlin
Government Agent/Ensemble – Brandilynn Stillwell
Stranger/Ensemble – Michael Goodwin
Shakrita/Ensemble – Aurora Chase

Creative Team

Playwrights -: Morgan Clyde and Michael Burger Song
Director – Caleb Craig
Fight Choreographer – Morgan Clyde
Stage Manager – Gina Schneider
Original Score – Dustin Benton
Lighting Designer – Chuck Drew
Costume Designer – Morgan Clyde
Sound Engineer – Adam Gardner
Graphic Artist – Jeremy Whittington
Sound/Light Operator – Timothy McCain


January 11th to February 2nd in The Overtime Gregg Barrios Theater
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm; Sunday 1/20/19 at 3pm; Sunday 1/27/19 at 7pm