2017 Season Announced

The Overtime Theater, the home of live, local and original art in San Antonio, Texas is proud to present its 2017 season.  This year our season will focus primarily on local voices with an eye towards presenting as broad and deep an example of the diverse voices that enrich our region.

Our 2017 season will commence with a new serial project, Generic Eric by Kareem Dahab which will run from January 20-February 25.

In February we’ll have Seven-Card Stud by Gregg Barrios, the latest of his plays centered around the life of Tennessee Williams. (February 19-March 11)

And while we’re exploring classic authors we also have Bernard Taylor’s The Last Days of Oscar Wilde, (March 10-April 8), directed by Derek Berlin who only recently received multiple awards for his own work on Wilde, My Name Was Dorian…Dorian Gray.

Spring will bring us some familial comedy from So When Are You Leaving by Sheila Rinear (March 31-April 29) and a new superhero serial, Retired by Scott McDowell (April 28-June 3).

Fans of detective fiction will get a treat with Dashiell Hammett and The Midnight Caller by Mark Leonard (May 19-June 17) while horror fans will get a summertime boost from Cthulhu Too: The Stranger in Yellow by Edward Wise II (June 16-July 15).

Summer will also bring us a different kind of nightmare of absurdity with The Bronson Pinchot Civil War Cupcake Experience by William M. Razavi (July 7-August 5).

We’ll have a second round of Scott McDowell’s Retired (August 4-September 9) and then keep your ears open for our latest musical, Nightingale by Jules Vaquera and Dan Timoskevich (August 25-September 23).

Fall will bring us down to earth with Like Stars, Moonie by Morgan Clyde (September 22-October 21) and seasonal frights and delights from Ties That Bind: A Vampire Story by Emily Fitzgerald. (October 13-November 11)

We’ll round out our year with an extra special three episode return of the cult favorite Captain Cortez by Scott McDowell (November 10-December 16) and a backstage farce by Rob Barron (December 1-30).

And don’t forget the return of Michael Burger’s Rift Riders in late night all year starting January 27th, the Overtime Cabaret and a new Overtime Presents bi-monthly series.

And keep on the lookout for special runs of Untold by Gina Hughes and Still Adequate After All These Years, a full length Tobias the Adequate magic show by Matthew Legare.

All of these, (and several more) can be yours just by choosing the Overtime Theater as your source for live, local and original entertainment and art in 2017.