Seating is limited at the Overtime Theater! Online ticket purchases are the only way to guarantee your seat. All tickets are available at the box office 1 hour before show time. We reserve the right to release any pre-purchased tickets not claimed 5 minutes before show time.


The Professionals by William Razavi

The Oglethorpe Theater is putting on a new production, a little play named Egg Fear.  It features Delilah Small, a star, and the Great Antonio Valencia, but it happens that the two loathe each other and spend much of their time off-stage bickering and threatening one another, putting their shared agent and lawyer, Mitchell Pillsbury, in the middle.  And this is where The Professionals takes place: back stage during a performance of Egg Fear.  We never see the infamous Egg Fear, but we are treated to a view of the real Delilah, the real Antonio, the beset Mitchell and a host of others, including Antonio’s girlfriend, The Amazing Dorothy, a magician; Lindsay Darling, an ailing actress; Serena Sinclair who’s filing in for Lindsay; Jimmy Dufresne, actor, citrus farmer, visionary and Serena’s boyfriend; Enid Dobbs the ambitious understudy; a hapless sandwich delivery guy; and a White Rabbit, who may be a figment of Dorothy’s imagination. Magic, love, and lies are in the air as the drama unfolds backstage and the increasingly enraged Stage Manager struggles to keep Egg Fear on its feet.


Breather by Sophia Bolles

In one minute, Jennifer Owens will lose everything.  She will become…  Something different.  Something dangerous.  And it will be up to two detectives and two scientists to answer the biggest question: What happened to Jennifer?


“The Denials” Comedy Improv

The Denials troupe commit more adult-themed improv based off of your suggestions! Come create the kind of comedy you want to see!

THE DENIALS MAIN STAGE SHOW! Every Saturday at 10:30 p.m.

Cost: 8 Bucks or 5 bucks if you see the main stage show! Get “Denials”  Tickets!

Remember… All Overtime Show Tickets on are on Brown Paper Tickets

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