Retired: A Superhero Noir Serial (Season 2)


Season 2 of the fantastic series by the creator of Captain Cortez, Scott McDowell. 4 Episodes in this season. Make selection carefully for each episode. Each episode runs for two weekends.

Sometimes retirement is not all it’s cracked up to be. Even less when you are a superhero.

Ep 2.1: From Excalibur City With Love


After the murder of their friend and sidekick, Vanessa, the heroes must try and find out who is behind this and what is their plan with the powerful Psyche Ray? But how can they manage with the disappearance of Kyle Hyde, the hero formerly known as Iron Star? Season 2 of ‘Retired’ premieres September 29th at 8pm!


Stephen Morales: Kyle Hyde/ IronStar

Debbie Basham-Burns: Kirby

Jenny Taylor: Allison/ Gold Standard

Rob Barron: The Berserker/ Dr Neuro

Ashley DeLeona: Detective Holbrook/ Princess HeadButt

Ashley Hamilton: The Thinker/ Boun-Soar

Shannon Shackelford: Sky Five/ Rookie Cop

Alaia Brown: Goon Leader/ OsCorp Rep

Creative Team

Written/Directed by: Scott McDowell

Stage Manager: Angie Hernandez

Props: Jana Drew

Performance Dates

Episode 1: Sep 29, 30, Oct 6,7

Episode 2: Oct 13,14, 20, 21

Episode 3: Oct 27,28 and Nov 3, 4

Episode 4: Nov 10,12,17,18


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Note: Due to limited seating (24 seats per performance) reservations are recommended for this show