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ASV audtions 2

ALL-STAR VIDEO: A 90’s Trope, by Robert Jerdee and Bryan Ortiz

Directed by Bryan Ortiz

Lace up your Doc’s, grab your flannel, and light up a clove, because the 90’s are back only at the Overtime Theater. Set in 1995, All-Star Video may be forced to close its doors forever unless its slacker misfit employees can come together, pull off a hail mary, and save the fledgling VHS store from a corporate takeover by the evil Blue-Star Video.

Characters needed:  8 men, 2 women

Jason:  male mid 20’s, is a film school dropout with too much movie knowledge for his own good. He has become his own road block in life and, with the help of his best friend Ian, he must find a way to overcome the trials and tribulations of his love life, proposed feature film, and slacker life choices.

Emily:  female early to mid 20’s, is sweet and kind to a fault. She is the kindest, most positive person you will ever meet and she would do anything to make sure you’re ok. She has worked hard at receiving high marks in her academic career and now her future stands on a precipice as she nervously awaits her grad school letter.

Tessa:  female early to mid 20’s, is what you would call the free spirit or gypsy of the group. She has a magnetic personality and she is all over the place, a common factor men are attracted to. She lives her life on a whim but relies on her best friend Emily to be her rock in life.

Matt:  Once one of the hottest young upstarts in the New York business scene, Matt, male late 30’s, has fallen from grace after being blacklisted following false allegations by a competitor concerning shady business practices. After moving back home he opened up All-Star Video to once again attempt to make something of himself.

Ethan:  male late teen’s, is a young conservative kid trying to find his place in the world and start making his own claim on life. He is generally nervous and confused about the world but is sweet and brave at his core.

Corey:  male early 20’s, is your local friend and dealer. He is young and loud with no care about who sees or hears him. He jams to metal, punk, and hip hop to the max. He reeks of weed but loves giving hugs.

Devon:   male mid 30’s, is a local success story who has snaked his way to being a pillar of the community sponsoring baseball teams to organize charitable works. While he may be slick on the outside he is nothing but a pure shark inside. He is part franchise owner of BLUE STAR VIDEO.

Dalton:  male late 20’s, is the regional manager for BLUE STAR VIDEO and second in command to Devon. He is an asshole through and through. He enjoys Greco Roman wrestling and has a vintage collection of men’s cologne.

Tanner:  male mid 20’s, is a model BLUE STAR employee, arrogant and egotistical, and assistant to the regional manager. He has a knack for pushing all the right buttons and pissing people off. He sees himself as god’s gift to women and serves as Dalton’s wingman we needed.

David:  A WWII vet, David, male early 70’s, is a grizzled old Jewish man with a heart of gold. He has years of experience in life and dispenses wisdom when needed. He is alone in life but finds happiness and comfort hanging out at All-Star Video, surrounded by young and old.


  • Aug 15th from 12pm – 4pm
  • Aug 16th from 12pm – 4pm


1203 Camden St.

San Antonio, TX, 78215

(210) 557-7562


  • Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script, sides will be provided at auditions. Prepared monologues welcome but not required.
  • Please bring a headshot and resume.
  • Guitar and Singing skills are required for a few characters. (noted with “**” in the character description)

Contact Information:

Bryan Ortiz (Director/Writer)

Robert Jerdee (Producer/Writer)