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Cthulhu Too: The Stranger in Yellow

Cthulu Too

Directed by Edward E. Wise II
Story by Justin Bankston & Edward E. Wise II
What began in The Bride of Cthulhu continues in Cthulhu Too: The Stranger in Yellow.
Emma and her cousin Holly face their toughest adventure yet, a quiet life. It isn’t long
before they invite danger into their home. With the aid of former groundskeeper, turned
heir to the estate, Samuel, they must unravel the mystery of who the Stranger in Yellow
is before it’s too late. And where is Cthulhu in all this. Closer than you think.
Cthulhu Too: The Stranger in Yellow is a comedy wrapped in cosmic horror, exploring
the unique and ever expanding universe that is the Cthulhu Mythos. Inspired by the
stories of H P Lovecraft, The Stranger in Yellow is told from the perspective of those
whose stories are noticeably absent in Lovecraft’s work, women and people of color.
Listed below are the characters’ approximate ages and in some cases their ethnic
background. This should not discourage actors from auditioning for roles that
don’t exactly match their ethnic background or age.


EMMA FEREBEE (Mid – Late 20s) – Still sarcastic. Wiser from her previous run-in with the world of the Great Old Ones. She has become obsessed with defending her family from what cosmic horrors await. A capable woman in a world run by men. She has something
to prove.

HOLLY HODGE (Early 20s) – A young woman trying to make her way in the world. She’s matured, but has yet to convince the family to take her seriously, perhaps due to her new desire to be an actor. Constantly the butt of her younger brother’s jokes. Often at odds with her cousin, Emma.

SAMUEL EVERETT (50s-60s) – An older man, turned father figure, he’s become the voice of reason stuck between Holly and Emma. A black man in a relationship with a white woman, Margaret, in a time that was unkind a pairing like this.

ROBBIE BELKNAP (Early-Mid 20s) – Holly’s boyfriend. A student studying acting. Likable, but not particularly bright. (NOTE: this actor will also take on the persona of a disagreeable older man for several scenes. Those auditioning for this role will be asked to read selections from the script to show this range.)

PARKER ABBERNATH (Mid 20s-30s) – A theatre producer/playwright. Confident, high energy and a strong personality. It’s unclear if she is to be trusted. (NOTE: this actor will also take on the persona of a disagreeable older man for several scenes. Those auditioning for this role will be asked to read selections from the script to show this range.)

DAVIS HODGE (Early Teens) – Holly’s wisecracking younger brother. He’s become very close to his cousin, Emma. Despite her efforts to protect him from the world of the occult, he’s managed to involve himself in their secret war. He never passes up an opportunity to make jokes at Holly’s expense.

MARGARET HOWARD (30s-50s) – She still feels like an outsider as though she hasn’t yet earned the trust of the family, but she is loved by all and has the biggest heart of the bunch. A white woman in love with a black man she cannot marry.

DAN ASHTON (Late 20s-Mid 30s) – The groundskeeper. His romantic interest in Emma only serves to drive them further apart, making him the target of her frustration. There are parts of his past that he keeps hidden from the rest.


Auditions – Saturday June 3rd 1:00-4:00pm & Sunday June 4th 2:00-4:00pm
Callbacks – Monday June 5th 7:00-10:00pm
Rehearsals – Beginning approximately June 10th
Performances – July 21st – Aug 12th


The Overtime Theater
5409 Bandera Rd. Suite 205
San Antonio, TX 78238
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Audition will consist of cold readings from the script. Scene 1 available for preview on Facebook page. Headshot and resume not required. Prepared monologues are highly recommended. Please keep them under 1 min. Sides will be provided for cold reads.


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