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Previous Auditions

Stripped by Rachel Joseph

Sunday Jan 12 at 5 PM
Production Dates: Stripped will run Feb 21 to Mar 22Dora is Ida’s shrink. Dave shrinks Dora. Henry and Ida are in love (or are they?). Dave shrinks Henry, and Ida wants to direct a masterpiece. They are all caught up in an unsolvable puzzle. Pull up a couch, lean back, and let this strange dance brush past madness in a round of musical chairs, shrinks and freaks, life and art.

Directed by Kyle Gillette

Characters Needed:

  1. IDA–A director.
  2. DORA—An analyst.
  3. HENRY–Ida’s boyfriend. A director.
  4. DAVE–An analyst. In love with Dora, his patient.
The actors playing IDA and HENRY can range in age between
late twenties to mid-thirties.
DORA and DAVE are older than IDA and HENRY.

Blue Story by Kristin Newbom

Sunday Jan 12 at 5 PM
Production Dates: Blue Story runs Mar 14 to Apr 12

A multi-media, anti-gravitational leap through puberty, love, and death, as seen through the eyes of two overly sophisticated twelve year olds, a couple of savage brothers, a poet slash bomb-maker, and a heartbroken narcoleptic.

Directed by Rachel Joseph

Characters Needed:

  1. Millie–12 year old girl
  2. Mabel–12 year old girl Norman–A government poet/bomb-maker. “A cross between George Washington and mad scientist” 30s or 40s Natalie–Woman in 20s-30s
  3. Two Savage Brothers–ranging from early adolescent boys to men in their 20s

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