Sophie Bolles Sophie Bolles (Board President)

Sophie has been a member of the Overtime Company since 2007.  A native San Antonian, her theatrical interests include work as a playwright, actress and costume designer.  Outside the Overtime she is kept busy as a standardized patient and costumer/seamstress.  Her favorite Overtime productions are Buddha Swings! and Open Sesame. A Life (Asleep), her fifth produced work, premiers June 2015.

 Rob Barron (Board Member)

Rob has been with the Overtime since 2008. He has done every job in the theater at one time or another. He hopes one day to do at least one of them well.

Suzanne De MarkovaSuzanne Demarkova (Board Member)

Suzanne joined the Overtime Company in 2008 and is an actor.  She is a native San Antonian and counts parts in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Night of the Living Dead among her favorite Overtime roles.  Regarding Theatre, she shared two quotes: “I like the ephemeral thing about theatre.  Every performance is like a ghost – it’s there and then it’s gone,” from Maggie Smith and “Theatre is a series of insurmountable obstacles on the road to imminent disaster,” from Tom Stoppard.   Suzanne feels the Overtime is a place of family and community who all work together for one thing: for the love of theatre. The Overtime strives to create original, accessible and innovative theatre  – all at a very affordable price – for the good people of San Antonio, Texas and beyond!

Scott McDowell Scott McDowell (Board Member)

Scott has “been here since day one” and is a current Overtime Board member, having previously served as the theater’s Technical Director and Board President.  His interests in theater are as a playwright, actor, and improv performer.  He is a native San Antonian and by day is a firefighter.  “This island of misfit toys makes beautiful theater.”

GinaGina Schneider (Board Member)

Gina joined the Overtime Company in 2013 as a stage manager, director, and board operator.  She is a native San Antonian and has a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts from the University of the Incarnate Word and Political Science from the University of Texas at San Antonio. “A society without art soon finds itself with nothing to pass on.”  – Ming Cho Lee

Liz Vermuelen (Board Member)

Liz joined the Overtime Company in 2009 and is an actor and “all around lover of the arts.”  She is a native San Antonian and attended Edwards University.  Her favorite Overtime production was Sex Party in 2013 (‘No, that’s not dirty.  It was a brilliant play.”)  She believes in the classic theater maxim: there are no small parts, only small actors.

Christopher Lombardo (Board Secretary)

William Ravazi William Razavi (Artistic Director)

William has been a member of the Overtime Company since 2013, and was named the theater’s Artistic Director in June 2014.  He is a writer, actor, director, and dramaturg with a BA from Trinity University and an MFA from Brandeis University. “I can take any empty space and call it a bare stage.  A man walks across this empty space whilst someone else is watching him, and this is all that is needed for an act of theatre to be engaged.” – Peter Brook, The Empty Space

Chris Champlain William C. Champlin (House Manager)

Chris started hanging around the Overtime in 2009, was hired in 2012, but has been a supporter from the beginning.  His theatrical interests are in directing, acting, and design.  He has called San Antonio home sine 1964 and was educated at IWC and Austin College and also spent 25 years designing and directing for U.S. Army Entertainment.. While The Overtime is his primary employer, he also freelances with The Classic Theatre and The Vex.  Port Cove, and Queen’s Castle are two of  Chris’ favorite productions in a fifty year career, and felt that he had been accepted into the Overtime family when Scott McDowell gave him a part in Captain Cortez.  “If you can’t act, behave.” -John Igo

Nathan Thurman (Technical Director, Christmas 2014)

Nathan is a graduate of Trinity University, Class of 2010.  His credits include acting, directing, set design and construction, and lighting design with various companies, including AtticRep, Proxy Theatre Company, San Pedro Playhouse, dystheater, Biophilliac, Trinity University, Allegro Stage Company, Northwest Vista College, and, of course, the Overtime.  Nathan is currently employed as the Technical Director at Northwest Vista College. “Crises precipitate change.”

Emily Overton (Promotions Manager)

Jess Tanner (Social Media Manager)

BK McKee (Promotions)

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