The Most Important Night of Theater You Will Ever Attend

The Most Important Night of Theater You Will Ever Attend by The Aesthetic of Waste May 02, 2014 8:00 PM – May 10, 2014 8:00 PM The Aesthetics are back and nothing will ever be the same. Nothing.. Get Tickets

The Canard of Vaucanson

The Canard of Vaucanson by James Burnside: (May 2 – May 31) May 02, 2014 8:00 PM – May 31, 2014 8:00 PM Adam, Eve, and Cain are invited to view something never before seen​–history’s first work of art created by Cain’s daughter, Daffie. The first family has built layers of resentments and has their… Continue reading »

Blue Story by Kristin Newbom: (Mar 14 – Apr 12)

A multi-media, anti-gravitational leap through puberty, love, and death, as seen through the eyes of two overly sophisticated twelve year olds, a couple of savage brothers, a poet slash bomb-maker, and a heartbroken narcoleptic. Get Tickets

Stripped by Rachel Joseph

Stripped by Rachel Joseph: (Feb 21 – Mar 22) Dora is Ida’s shrink. Dave shrinks Dora. Henry and Ida are in love (or are they?). Dave shrinks Henry, and Ida wants to direct a masterpiece. They are all caught up in an unsolvable puzzle. Pull up a couch, lean back, and let this strange dance… Continue reading »

The Haunted House

Hijinx and horror combine in this fresh and literally street-smart adaptation of Plautus’ The Haunted House. Nominated for several Antonius awards in 190 BCE–including best Middle Republic comedy, and Most Promising Debut by an Umbrian Playwright–The Haunted House has received surprisingly few modern productions, probably owing to the death of Latin. But have no fear: Thomas… Continue reading »

Night of the Living Dead

One of the most culturally significant horror films of all time is coming to The Overtime Theater. This October, the Overtime Theatre and Film Classics Productions are proud to present a thrilling adaptation of one of the most culturally significant, groundbreaking horror films of all time — performed live on stage: George A. Romero’s ‘Night… Continue reading »

The Screen Dreams of Buster Keaton

What would you do if Buster Keaton invaded your dreams? What would he do if you invaded his? Join us for a surreal journey into the unconscious as Keaton crawls through the screen into Dreaming Girl’s nighttime reveries. Along the way, Sigmund Freud, Samuel Beckett, and “Fatty” Arbuckle wreak havoc in a world made of… Continue reading »

2015 Season: Call for Submissions

Submission Deadline: August 1, 2014 The Overtime Theater is seeking play submissions for our 2015 season. Devoted to original work, we are particularly interested in new plays that are innovative in form and bold and moving in content. San Antonio’s “Theater for the People” — the Current readers’ favorite theater for four years in a… Continue reading »

Port Cove

This supernatural soap opera follows the characters at the center of a small New England town where mysterious and violent murders have taken place. When the FBI is brought in to help, they discover that everyone is a suspect in this sleepy town and something lurks out there in the Cove… June 7th-July 28th Directed… Continue reading »

Frozen: by Bryony Lavery

  Nominated for a Tony Award (Best Play, 2004), Frozen is set in present-day England and involves three main characters: a serial killer named Ralph, who kidnaps and murders a young girl; the murdered girl’s mother, Nancy; and a New York psychiatrist, Agnetha, who travels to England to examine Ralph. The three lives slowly intersect… Continue reading »

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