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Voted "Best Theater Company" by San Antonio Current for the 5th time this year! We are dedicated to providing innovative and accessible entertainment at an affordable price. Shows shows are all new original works or new unconventional adaptations of old classics.

“Live Theater for the People by the People”

We have lots going on at the OT! Check out what’s showing and the latest happenings below.

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Upcoming Shows & Latest News

Beasts of Baverly Grove

One play. Two theaters. See the story from both sides and then decide for yourself – who are the BEASTS OF BAVERLY GROVE? Where history meets fable, a town and a castle sit amongst the trees in seclusion. This is

Beatrice and the Puppies

Beatrice is a wheelchair bound beauty queen and a spokesmodel for an adult diaper company and her life is perfectly fabulous. But when the folks at Dry Ones try to replace her everything falls apart and Beatrice has to rely

Previously on Queen’s Castle

Previously on ‘Queen’s Castle’… The Past…the Kingdoms of Oz and Wonderland have been locked it a brutal war for over 100 years. Now a royal wedding has been set that will unite both lands and end the war…but our young

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